Olive Branch & Co 

Olive Branch & Co is a calligraphy and design studio, providing custom calligraphy services and products to celebrate the special and the everyday moments in life. It was born out of a desire to bring peace through the beauty of words, loving and honouring people in the process. 

At Olive Branch & Co, we're interested in the small details, the things that might often be overlooked but are really signposts of love: the way light peeks through the blinds, the delicate beauty of the flowers on your walk to the store, the quiet moment when what you're reading so resounds with you. We aim to create those moments of peace with words and illustrations, and give you the space to share that with your loved ones. We create pieces that are sincere, sweet, and lovely, and aim to do all these small things with great love.

As part of bringing peace, 10% of all profits go to ending modern day slavery and human trafficking through an End It Movement partner organization, International Justice Mission. IJM works all over the world, defending and bringing justice - which goes hand in hand with peace. 

Melissa Chan, Calligrapher

Melissa has always loved words. She has been an avid reader and writer from a young age, and, enamoured with the English language, studied and taught English for a few years. She stumbled into calligraphy as a way to be creative, and found herself captivated by calligraphy as the perfect marriage of the beauty and power of words. She now finds herself doing all kinds of custom calligraphy work for people all over the world along with designing her own calligraphy paper products.

When she's not at her desk inking something up, Melissa can be found scouring used bookstores, listening to Motown vinyls with her husband, or sipping coffee from her favourite Le Petit Prince mug. Originally from Toronto, Melissa relocated with her husband to Montreal in 2013, and then to Vancouver in 2016.