happy new year & happy new news!

Oh hello, 2016! You crept up rather quick! 

2015's shaped up to be quite a crazier year than I thought it would be, full of lots of unexpected but good, good things, and I am excited for what will come in 2016! I've definitely learned to be open to surprises, knowing that not everything can be planned, BUT, I did want to plan out this blog a little more, even so that it'll be a space where I intentionally and meaningfully contribute to. Blogging and I have had an on again, off again relationship since I was probably fifteen (!), so I'm hoping to that giving myself some parameters will help our relationship be a little more predictable and steady... ! Haha. 

I thought a lot about what I wanted to blog about/what I usually end up blogging about, and thought it fit into three categories: 

1. what I'm soaking up: 

Essentially, things I'm taking in and consuming. For me, this looks like books and music, maybe with some podcasts thrown in - stuff that's accompanying me and sitting with me. Often the things I love are things I want to share, so I want to take this avenue to share with you what I'm reading or listening to, because I think it's part of the creative process, but also because it's just so good I can't help but share! 

2. what I'm pondering: 

Stuff I'm thinking about. Yes, I know, pretty broad category, but will most likely run around topics of creativity, faith, freelancing, having a small biz, culture, womanhood, and whatever else I think of and want to write about. Keeping it pretty open. 

3. what I'm creating: 

Whether it's some client work I'm excited about, new products, or other things I'm making related to calligraphy and lettering, this is where I'll show you! I'll try and do some behind the scenes stuff too to show my process (if I remember...!). 

Woo! I'm excited to blog more regularly and jump back into it - although to be honest, I'm a little nervous that keeping it regular will be a challenge. But! I'm wanting to approach this with hope, so here's to discipline and grace for whatever dreams and plans we make, whether they be big or small. Whatever your resolutions and plans are for this year, may you have the discipline to work at them, and the grace to forgive and rest as well.