Hymn Prints! Yay!

One of the reasons I started doing calligraphy was because I wanted to write out some solid reminders to myself. I wanted to remember wise words and truth, because goshdarnit, I'm a pretty forgetful person. Sometimes in the midst of a crazy day, just looking at a truth written out would still my heart, and remind my heart to be calm and to rest. 

I think this is true about some songs too - they kind of take you out of where you are for a moment and remind you of a good memory or the beauty of love or, sometimes, a good truth. And sometimes singing a song is kind of like preaching to your heart, and as you engage in the act of singing, you're reminding yourself - and others around you - of the truth of what is being sung. 

Thus, I am excited to present these hymn prints! I've been mulling about doing these for a while, but decided to just take the plunge and go for it! 

IMG_2619 copy.jpg

These are two of my favourite hymns, I think because they remind me to look beyond myself and my circumstances, and to look up and at my God and my Creator, who makes it well with my soul, who is the fount of every blessing, who is the very One who tunes my heart that I might even want to sing to Him and praise Him. I love the story behind It Is Well too - it's told quite well over here at SheReadsTruth. My hope and prayer with these is that they will encourage our hearts to sing in any and every circumstance, and that as we see these words, they would in turn bring our hearts to sing and praise our good, good God. 

They can be purchased over here on my Etsy. :)