Styled Wedding Shoot - Oregon Coast

Back in the fall, when I was starting this out and packing up orders on our wooden living room floor, I got an email from a photographer asking if I would be part of a styled wedding shoot. I remember being so, so excited, sketching out invitation drafts, choosing paper, trying paint colours for ink. I still feel this way, very, very excited whenever I get to take on a new project, but I think I'll always remember that first one, because it was such a surprise and a thrill all at once. I don't think I've had the chance to present all of the pictures together, so here they finally are! Ever grateful to Donny for organizing this and creating these wonderful photos and really, giving me the honour of being a part of this. It's surreal to think that I get to be connected with these moments and these people even though I'm all the way in Montreal and they're on this beautiful beach coast in Oregon (take me there PLEASE I am done with you, winter!!!), and I am so, so grateful to get to be a part of something special like this. Now, if I tap my pens three times will I get to be in Oregon and on a beach???

img_9275 (2).jpg

Complete shoot, including an amaaaazing dress, elegant jewelry, and just all together the beauty of the Oregon coast on Donny Zavala's blog.

Photography and Styling: Donny Zavala Photography
Florals: Giffords Flowers
Props: Vintage Mingle