To Hustle or Not To Hustle

I see a lot of stuff these days, especially on Mondays (!), saying to hustle, and that the only way to get stuff done is to hustle, and to just go, go, go. I'm not sure if I agree with that. But let me clarify that I don't think it's hustling itself that's a problem; I think it's great to work hard. However, I have a problem with working hard out of fear. 

I don't want to hustle because I'm scared it's Monday and Mondays are hard and recovery days from the weekend and it's tough to get stuff done. I don't want to work hard because I'm scared that I won't do well or won't be successful. I think if I do hustle because of those reasons, then everything gets done in a rush and becomes kind of half-hearted, gotta-get-this-done because, well, I gotta get this done. 

I feel especially aware of this because I am so easily caught up in this. It's so easy for me to feel like I have to make stuff because I have to reach a deadline or, for goodness sake, bring home some money (let's be real: finances are real. There's a reason why Jesus and Jane Austen talk about them so much, folks). But I wonder if maybe the things that are best created are those made out of love, not out of fear, because then they are free. They don't have to rescue me or save me; they can just be, or serve somebody else other than myself.

So even though it's Tuesday, which could arguably be the most productive way of the week, can I encourage your heart (and mine!) to slow down, and to work or create or love out of... love, rather than out of fear? Maybe we hustle out of love, and if so, that's great. But I wonder if maybe sometimes we hustle because we're afraid not to, and because we're afraid that if we don't, there won't be much left of us after all. Let me be the voice that says hey, hustle or not, you are loved.