Recent Logos!

I love the process of making logos - I enjoy imagining and re-imagining names in different styles and formats, and even getting to see what people like/dislike. And of course, it's always the most amazing thing to connect with these entrepreneurial spirits! I am so thankful that people I get to work with are always so, so kind. :) So thought it was time to show some of these, right???

Working with Peyton from 1778 Photography was such a wonderful experience not just because her vision behind what she does is so sweet, but also because she herself is so enthusiastic and kind! I loved too the idea behind the name of her business, as it's inspired by the love of history, the 18th century, and reading. It's also fun for me to get to do something different - very rarely do many logos I work on focus on numbers! 

Alexandra is so, so incredibly sweet - she actually wrote a lovely post about rebranding showing how she's done it, and I'm so amazed with her creativity and different things she's done! I'm sure it must be such a thrilling experience for a couple to open that package!

This one was for Stefanie, a photographer in Germany! It's really such an honour to get to work with creative people from all over the world. Working with Stefanie made me think that this world is quite small, after all! 

More to come, but three is a good number to share for now, I think. :)