Spring & New Things

Spring has sprung in Montreal, and it's like seeing a whole new city: I can actually see the sidewalk, people are actually out, and, my goodness, people actually look happy! The best thing about spring, too, is knowing that the best is only yet to come; summer and festivals and sandals are just getting closer, day by day... 

So with spring, along with seeing new things ie. happy people/grass, there are some new things going on over here I am pretty excited about and thought I'd announce! 

1. I'm now officially a vendor on OnceWed

When I first started doing calligraphy, I would look on sites like these and their calligraphy vendors and pretty much drool over the beautiful work I was seeing. I think I was much too timid to think I would ever be among their ranks - and to be honest, I don't think I'm anywhere close to some of these amazing artists, and have so so so much to learn, and sometimes/often feel like I'm faking it (!). So getting to be a vendor on OnceWed is like a dream that I didn't even know how to dream come true for me, and feels like a big step for this baby calligraphy business. Woohoo! 

2. My cards are going to be sold at an Etsy craft fair here in Montreal! 

While I will not physically be there, I'm really excited that my cards are going to be part of an Artist's Collective Table at the Etsy Montreal Spring Craft Fair!

Getting to be involved in a craft fair was another goal I had hoped for - I remember walking into our bedroom in like January, and blurting out to my husband: "I want to do a craft fair." I'm not always very vocal or straight up about what I want to do or what my goals are, and doing this calligraphy business thing has definitely forced me to make attainable and measurable goals way more, but in January, I was still crazy uncertain about what I was doing and still timid about what I wanted to do. So for me to say straight up that I wanted to be involved in a craft fair felt a bit strange and out of character for me, and I also had no idea how to do it or what I would even sell, since I do so much custom work, and especially since I live in a bilingual city. With that said, I am so, so excited to be involved in a craft fair! Looking back at this too makes me think that it really is all the little steps. It's word by word that you write a book, stroke by stroke that you paint a portrait. I think sometimes that's a hard thing for me to grasp, and I want to have the whole book or the whole portrait done NOW, all at once, quickly - but I am thankful too for the lessons of patience and perseverance that the school of word by word, stroke by stroke is teaching me. 

Yup. Those are my big news! And now, I think I'll go outside...