Thank You. Really.

In the fall of this past year, when I first started Olive Branch & Co, I used to wrap up packages on the old wooden floors of this tiny space we were living in - the table wasn't big enough to properly wrap these 11x14 sized pieces on, so I did most of my wrapping on the floor, moving aside the coffee table so there was even enough room on the floor. It was important to me right from the start to make sure I wrote out a handwritten thank you note anyone who trusted me with writing something out for them, because I wanted the packages to feel unique and handmade and personal. I really felt so shocked and amazed every time someone ordered something - I couldn't believe they wanted me to write out something for them, and I really felt (and still feel!) that it was/is such an honour to do so. Over time, my packaging has changed a little bit - I have a table that's big enough to wrap everything on, and my back thanks me - and my thank you notes have changed too. I used to cut paper myself and write out "thank you" on each of them, but as business grew (whaaat!), I figured it was more time effective to get them printed. I just finished my first batch last week, so thought I'd do a redesign on the next batch, because, well, why not! 

There are lots of things I love about getting to do calligraphy for people, and writing thank yous is still one of my favourite parts. I am so incredibly grateful that I get to be a part of people's gift giving and celebrations and ways of honouring other people, and I am floored that people would want my work to be something that hangs on their wall to remind them of their vows of love or to remind their souls to rest in truth. My hope is that these little cards would express that, my immense gratitude for this honour to create something for someone.