Puces Pop + Maps!

Over the past few weeks, I've been scrounging around at thrift stores in Montreal to find old atlases to do some map brush lettering work, and am happy to officially show these first three! They're debuting this weekend at Puces Pop, a local Montreal craft fair that I'm beyond excited to be a part of. It's funny - we went to Puces Pop last year as visitors, and as I walked out of the fair, I said to my husband, man, I would love to get to do this! But at that time, I had nothing to sell and didn't really know what I could make to sell. It's so, so crazy to me, then, that I actually get to be there this year as an artist and exhibitor! Woohoo! 

These brush lettering quotes are ones I've thought about for a while - there are a lot of great adventure and travel quotes out there, but I really wanted to do some that reflected a fascination and wonderment with the world, but also that adventure is not necessarily always out there, but it's also right where we are. 

In addition to some new cards, then, I'm also going to be selling these brush lettering quotes on those lovely maps, and offering free calligraphy (!) with a purchase! I'll also have some candy, because I am a big kid at heart and love candy, and just want to share whatever i love with you all...! Haha. Montreal peeps, see ya there!!!