The Beginning of the 100 Day Project! - 9/100

In the fall, my friend Luisa (of Arrows of Joy) and I decided to do a little calligraphy project together called 31 days of soul food, where we wrote a quote each day for 31 days that was soul food to us, words that nourished our souls. I'm a firm believer that words have power, the kind of power to lift your spirit and move out of whatever funk or feeling you're in, and set your eyes on what matters - I know this because that's what words do for me. I loved doing this project with Lu - I loved looking for different quotes each day, and it often surprised me how much certain ones resounded with me. I think it even made me question at times whether I felt like I really believed whatever the quote was, and sometimes I would choose not to pen one because I felt like it wasn't true! Either way, it was such an enjoyable and enriching process, that when I heard about the 100 day project, I knew I wanted to do it again. There's something about the discipline of doing something every single day, even when it's time to go to bed and you have to sit at your desk for just a little while longer to do it. I am not very disciplined, but I am learning that discipline and creativity have waaay more in common than I ever thought...! 

I started the project a bit late - I think most people on the project are on 35 or something, but I thought that there wasn't really a point to just not do it because I'm not on the same timeline as everyone else. So here we are, the first nine (not ten, because, well, just because)! 

91 to go. Woo!