Puces Pop, Reflections, and Rare Portraits (!)

It's rare for me to have photos of me in action. Most of the pictures on my phone these days are my work, my niece and nephew, my husband reading (because it's rare), and a bunch of sunset pictures taken from our window that never even come close to capturing how beautiful the sunset is. That's it. 

It was a delightful surprise, then, that when some of our friends came to visit our booth at Puces Pop, they took some pictures of us in action! I know I don't often post pictures of myself here, but I thought it would be fitting for this post. Looking back on it now, with this being my first craft fair, I am incredibly grateful that we have some pictures of this because a first time is special. I'm never going to feel again that wave of oh my goodness I'm super nervous I've never done this before what the heck do I say -- although I'm sure I will feel that in varying degrees for other times after this, there's something about feeling like you're stepping into the complete unknown for the first time and not even knowing what to expect. 

With that being said, Puces Pop was a fantastic first craft fair experience, and has certainly set the bar high for craft fairs for me after this. If there's anything teacher's college taught me, it was to constantly reflect reflect reflect, so these are my Puces Pop/First Craft Fair Takeaways: 

1. Bring water. I did not have enough water. If there was a time for me to buy a 1L water bottle, that was the time. Instead, I brought the only water bottle I had, a tiny one that fits nicely into my purse and can quench my thirst for all of 5 minutes (you can see a picture of it in the corner of the last picture. I was rationing my water.) 

2. Because people know they're buying handmade, they want to know about the process. Sometimes I don't think people are that interested in the process of how I work, but if anything, I found that people seemed to like watching me work/do calligraphy on envelopes, and wanted to know the details of how I do this or how I do that. When I think about it, that's what I like about buying handmade too - I like knowing that buying this specific candle from these sellers means it's poured out in their own homes, and that they mix those scents themselves. Sometimes it's easy for me to feel like my process is boring compared to other people, but hey, comparison is the thief of joy, right? So next time, Melissa, tell people the stories of why you created this card or why you picked those quotes or where you got those maps. After all, I love stories too. 

3. Kindness goes a long way. Pretty sure this is just a general life rule. 

I want to note here too that my husband is super, super supportive and stayed there with me much of the day and got us food and popsicles and water (!), and is just overall incredibly awesome. Wouldn't have been able to do this without him! 


Photos by our sneaky friend, Martyn Smith.