Elegant Toronto Wedding: From Desk to Tabletop!

Back in May, I was connected with a bride via mutual friends to do some work for her wedding. The bride is an interior designer herself, with such great style, which flowed into everything else about the day! Her wedding was taking place at Toronto's Graydon Hall Manor, which is this unreal wedding venue that looks like it belongs in a real life Disney princess movie, in my humble opinion... haha. She asked me to do her menus, table numbers, and place cards, which I was more than happy to do! 

One of the things that I find the most interesting about doing wedding work is getting to see my work styled and put into the context they were meant to be in. I only get to see my work in the context of my desk and little office space, but then I get these pictures with the paper all surrounded by the most gorgeous florals and I think ah, they found their way home. 

So, I present to you, the transformation of these pieces, from my desk, to their true home/heaven: amongst beautiful blooms. 

I know, the lighting on my desk isn't great... real life, okay. 

But look, here, in unadulterated glory, in these stunning photos by Katie Stoops with styling by her wedding planner Cynthia Martyn

Yeah, Katie's a great photographer!!! This bride was also super resourceful - we couldn't get the slate sent over to me via mail because we were located in different cities, BUT we worked it out so that I sent her digital files which she then put on the slate herself! Way to go, crafty brides! 

She also had me design a little piece for her cocktail napkins - picture below! 

It really is so special, getting to see my pieces go from my desk to where they belong. And that's part of the process of things, that at the beginning you're like uhhh hope this turns out, but when things progress and move forward and we get to see things in where they're supposed to be and in the bigger context, it feels right and good and you're glad you didn't listen to that voice of doubt! 

So here's to moving things from our desks to where they belong and have function in life, where they are useful and beautiful, where they belong. Sip sip hooray indeed!