Some News...!

Soooo I have some news that's been a long time coming (no, I'm not pregnant): 

we're moving! 

We've been here in Montreal since August 2013, and while we have so loved being in this city and getting to know it and give to it, I'm also really excited to share with you that we'll be moving out west to Vancouver this spring! 

There are so many mixed emotions on my end - we've had Vancouver on our hearts for a year now and have been knocking on several doors for a while hoping that something might work out, so I'm excited that a door has finally opened for us to go, and we've chosen to go right through! 

At the same time, though, I'm also so sad to leave this beautiful city of Montreal. We've spent the first two, almost three years of our marriage in Montreal, and this city is where calligraphy started for me and where Olive Branch and Co was born. I love the culture in this city and how every other person I meet here is an artist or an entrepreneur or some combination of both - I find people love to innovate and create here, and people aren't afraid to do that here. I love that Montreal is so open about its love for arts and culture - the square near our apartment is constantly being transformed week after week into some kind of festival space or celebration or exhibit. I love that this city feels big enough that I feel like I can always explore, yet small enough that I can walk everywhere. 

Most of all, I love the people I've met here. People will always make all the difference for me, and I am incredibly blessed to have been a part of people's lives and communities here, even if for a short time. 

If you're from Montreal, hopefully I'll get to meet you before I go! I'm doing a few workshops here in the city before I leave, along with the Creative Market put on by Etsy Montreal. It's my way of saying thank you to this wonderful city and of giving it all I've got before taking off, so come say hey before it's too late! 

And if you're from Vancouver, would love to get in touch with you and any recommendations for paper lovers or coffee lovers are especially appreciated! :) 

Moving to Montreal was a big step in the unknown for us, and it's been such a good and wonderful adventure to be on. It has not always been easy, but it's been good, the kind of slow nod, a growing smile, satisfying good. It gives me confidence for the road ahead, that it'll be good not because of where it's taking us, but because of who is on the road with me - that's what makes the journey worth taking. 

À bientôt, Montreal!